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Our proprietary products are manufactured with high purity organic additives in a demineralized water base.  They are designed to replace hazardous and corrosive mineral acid scale removal agents and high solids inorganic closed system corrosion inhibitors.  Our products are safe and convenient to use, environmentally friendly, and maintain clean and optimal heat transfer surfaces in industrial closed loop cooling water systems.

CH-7:54 Industrial Cleaner

A non-hazardous, near-neutral cooling water system descaling and metal oxide removal agent. CH-7:54 is typically used to clean isolated, out-of-service scaled and fouled systems. Many successes have been also documented for in-service cleaning.

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EPF-Extrusion Performance Fluid

An inhibited, all-organic, high purity water-based heat transfer fluid designed to prevent barrel cooling water system corrosion and mineral scale fouling.  EPF Coolants have also been employed to eliminate scaling and corrosion in thermoformer siderail cooling water circuits.

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ChillCARE Thermoformer Coolant

ChillCARE Coolant has added corrosion inhibition properties to minimize the chemical attack of the more susceptible aluminum molds and water distribution manifolds in thermoforming operations.

ChillCARE Closed System Coolant

Once a closed system has been cleaned and restored to operation, ChillCARE coolants have been proven to be highly successful in maintaining chill rolls, injection molding loops, and other closed systems in industrial settings.

FoamBUSTER Cooling/Process Water Antifoam

In the typical application of chemical cleaning products, mild-to-moderate recirculating water foaming may occur. When sufficient foam occurs that impedes the cleaning process and/or water recirculation, FoamBUSTER can be easily applied to control that condition.

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