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Optimizing Your Closed Loop Cooling Water System


Determine Current System Coolant Quality

Initially, it is important to determine the impact your cooling water is having on your systems.  Thorough chemical analysis of your system cooling water, combined with data and information on system maintenance and operation activities, are typically very conclusive in identifying or confirming system problems.  

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Dirty Water Samples


Remove Deposits and Scales that Cause Downtime and Inefficiency

Chemagineering was founded on the development of a proprietary cleaning solution, CH 7:54 Industrial Cleaner, in response to specific needs for maintaining closed loop system performance in the plastics, printing, and chemical industries.  CH 7:54 is a water-based, all-organic, safe and effective scale and metal oxide corrosion product cleaner that replaces hazardous and environmentally unfriendly mineral acid descalers.

Image of corroded pipe and cleaned pipe


Maintain Consistent Water Quality to Achieve Reliable Performance

The goal of our program is provide reliable and predictable system performance through clean, consistent water quality.  Our proprietary conditioning formula - Extrusion Performance Fluid (EPF) — is an inhibited, all-organic, high purity water-based coolant designed to prevent cooling water system corrosion and mineral scale fouling.  The result is better system performance, reduced unplanned downtime, and attractive return on investment.

Clean Water with Use of EPF
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