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Chemagineering was founded in 1987 to provide a safe, environmentally acceptable, and effective method to remove water-borne hardness scales and system metal oxide corrosion products from industrial cooling water systems. 

Peter E. Greenlimb had a friend and neighbor who was a partner in a start-up plastic sheet extrusion company that was experiencing heat transfer problems - sheet sticking to chill rolls, material sticking in the extruder feed section, heat exchangers not performing as needed, etc.  The only known solution at that time was to conduct an aggressive chemical cleaning with low pH inorganic acids, which necessitated the need to shut down the extrusion line in order to isolate the mixed metal components of the closed system loops.  The disposal of the spent cleaning solution was also of concern.  

Peter, with a PhD in organic chemistry, had privately been developing a neutral pH chemical he believed would solve such scaling and mineral build-up problems.  In agreement, Peter supervised a trial of the cleaner on one of the production lines.  The results were far greater than anticipated, enabling the company to exceed production goals without future shutdown.  From that experience a simple and effective maintenance program to minimize extruder scaling and deposition problems developed.

Since its founding, Chemagineering has been committed to developing and providing specialty water management products and services to industry, with primary focus and emphasis in the Plastic Extrusion, Thermoforming, Injection Molding, Printing, and Chemical Manufacturing markets.

For over thirty years our products and services have been used throughout the United States, in Canada, Mexico, and Europe to assist customers in maintaining clean heat transfer surfaces, minimize component corrosion, and reduce costly downtime associated with poor water qualities and deposit formation.

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In addition to introducing safe, environmentally friendly water management products, we consistently strive to maximize water conservation and reuse, while minimizing energy costs. Dr. Greenlimb, principle founder of Chemagineering Corporation, has been an outspoken advocate and proponent of water and energy conservation in steam and cooling water systems throughout his 47 year career in the water management industry.

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