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In the operation of water-cooled extrusion equipment, severe system corrosion, mineral scale deposition and water passage fouling can, and often does, occur. While the use of soft and high purity waters as the cooling medium reduces scale deposition, the aggressive nature of these waters at elevated temperature variations and their impurities both contribute to premature component corrosion and failure.

Chemagineering Corporation initially entered the Water-Cooled Extrusion Industry in the 1990s through the use of CH-7:54 Industrial Cleaner as a non-hazardous chemical descaler in the cleaning of barrel cooling water systems in chemical manufacturing facilities. Upon completion of the cleaning and descaling procedure the extrusion cooling water systems were maintained with Extrusion Performance Fluids (EPF Coolants) a high purity water-based blend of organic corrosion inhibitors.

Our extruder maintenance solutions utilizing CH-7:54 Industrial Cleaner and EPF Coolants have been successfully leveraged to achieve significant return on investment.


Chemagineering initially entered the Printing Industry in 1989 through the use of CH-7:54 Industrial Cleaner as a non-hazardous chemical descaler in the cleaning of press vibrator rollers and chill rolls. Prior to that time, our client had been utilizing uninhibited hydrochloric acid as the active cleaning agent for that purpose. Invariably during such a cleaning operation, cleaner supply and return hoses leak or rupture, resulting in the uncontrolled discharge of corrosive and hazardous acid sprays throughout the pressroom area.

Recognizing that the predominant method to "treat" press chilled water systems was through the use of commercial automotive antifreezes, we proved our solution had meaningful results on the overall performance of our customer's equipment and a positive return on investment.


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